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Today I attended a CPR course in school. We had a ice-breaking game, then we started on the lessons… theory and practical. At the end of the day, we had to take the theory and practical CPR test…

The theory test was easy…like the instructor said; you had to try really really hard to actually fail it. Anyway, I had trouble with the practical part of the test where we had to do 5 cycles of CPR (30 compressions with 2 ventilations) on the dummy within 2min 10sec… The dummy I had practiced on earlier was rather “seasoned” as in; it was used often so the chest was easy to press down. But the dummy that I was assigned for the actual test was a rather new one! The chest spring was soooo hard!! I had to redo my practical twice before I could pass it! The top of my left hand is actually aching from all the compressions… :-P

The irony of it all is… the success rate of prolonging a casualty’s life using CPR is only a mere 3-4%... so is it worth it? You decide… to me, I think it is worth it as long as there is that slim chance of a person surviving. You never know whom the casualty is… he could be loved by many or loved by few, he could be a soul-bread winner or a bum, but most importantly, he is a human being who deserves even the slimmest chance to live.

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