ssueee (ssueee) wrote,

Childish Drivers

I've been driving on the road for 6+years and tonight is the first time I've encountered such a childish driver.

I got onto the ECP from Mountbattern and was driving on the 2nd lane behind a Comfort cab.. The ECP wasn't exactly packed with bumper to bumper traffic so I was wondering how come the speed on lane 2 was so slow.. it was after the cab switched to the 1st lane that I realise the cause.. it was a    s...l...o...w    driver driving a small car going at 80km on a 90km road with enough space between him and the next car in front to fit in 10 elephants!

I was contemplating, should I highbeam him to pick up speed or just over take him.. hmmm.. okie, being in a good mood and not wanting to be rude/mean/nasty, I decided to just over take him..

Disclaimer: I drive a Honda City V-Tec... so when it picks up speed, it literally roars

After I over took him, the moron highbeamed me!!!! Wah!!! The nerve of that guy... I didn't even do anything to provoke him.. all I did was just over took him.. either he thinks this is a game and he's being a sore-loser or he can't stand being over taken by a woman driver

Anyway at that moment, my train of thought was, should I;
1) Jam brake and give the guy the shock of his life or
2) Slow down enough to go behind him and then highbeam him with my WHITE head lights (which actually can be quite blinding)..

After about 5sec, I decided I shall not go down to his level and do stupid things that will endanger other drivers. We need more adults behind the wheel.. not kids who think they are adults.

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