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I’m thinking of getting another one… probably a daisy, cos it’s my favorite flower… it’s a HAPPY flower!

When I mentioned it to LSX, she went HUH?? But it’s a flower…

Hahaha... anyway… yes, I’m not kidding. I’ve already been looking around for designs… here are a few:

I kinda like the first one but it’s colorless.. I want to do one with color, preferably white petals with green stem+leaves... you know, the normal kind of daisy.

I plan to have it done on my foot. How to place it, I don’t know yet… I’ll leave it to Jaws (the tattoo artist) to advise me… worse is I do it somewhere else… hmm... maybe on the back of my neck? =P

Any comments?

Rubik''s Cube

I did it!!! I finally managed to solve the Rubik’s Cube puzzle! Ok, I didn’t do it in record time (I took about 5 days) but it’s a start.. at least I managed to get it done!! =) I’m so happy!!

Sunday comic strip

Have you ever felt that way?

You’re invited to a party or maybe a wedding and the only people you know is either not there yet or he/she is the host?

You step into the room and EVERYONE turns to look at you with the “who are you” look on their faces… you quickly scan the crowd to see if you know anyone.. maybe a welcoming face, someone you know that will shout out your name, walk over to shake your hand and save you from that awkward moment… but of course they’re all running late…so you put on a smile and walk purposefully to… the buffet table and grab a drink… Now why do we do that? Its like holding a glass in your hand can give you a sense of security… hahaha... Then the next thing you do is whip out your mobile phone to call someone so that you don’t stick out like a sore thumb standing there all by yourself while the rest of the room is talking in their little groups.

So have that ever happen to you before? I think it happened to me a few times before I wised up and started to meet "the rest" before stepping into a function..

Something silly...

While packing my bag to rush off to work, I couldn't find my pencil case. I searched all over my extremely cluttered table, under my stacks of notes, ran down to the car and searched it TWICE (I even looked under it)... but I still couldn't find it.

Thinking that I might have dropped it in school yesterday during the last tutorial, I frantically sms-ed all my classmates who were in school today if they could help me check the room... but it wasn't there.

You're probably thinking.. why am I freaking out over a pencil case... well... it has sentimental value. Its been with me for a long long time.. so far back that the rubber words "deuter" has already fallen off. It has travelled overseas with me and I've used it for every "BIG" day that I've served in... every scratch/stain/tear has a story behind it.. :-)

So anyway, after getting home from work.. I was talking on the phone and was wheeling my chair across my room when it got stuck... I looked under and I saw IT!! I found my pencil case!!!

How did I miss it earlier when i was trying to find it..? Well, the case is black and so is the chair.. plus the fact that my room at the moment looks like Hurricane Humberto just came thru it..

I know.. its time to pack my room. :-P
I think this is the 3rd week of training.. I feel like I’m going thru part-time boot camp…*pant*pant*…
We train about 4 to 5 times a week… Running, Gym-ing, Climbing stairs or Bukit Timah... plus weekly meetings to plan how we’re suppose to raise funds for our equipment, training and expedition.

You know how you can be really tired but yet you don’t mind it cos you’re so into what you do? That’s how I feel right now... I’m tired but yet, I find uni life so exciting that I just keep going... it’s like having an adrenaline rush that doesn’t seem to end!
LSX says I’m high on uni life… hahaha

Well, a typical week for me goes something like this..
Monday – School.. then gym..
Tuesday – School.. then Team run
Wednesday – School.. gym (if got time).. then Team meeting.
Thursday – School.. then Team run
Friday – Rest/Work
Saturday – Climbing Clementi Blk 367, it’s 22 storeys.. and we do it 6 times with a 6-8kg load in our backpack.. Alternate Saturdays are spent trekking up Bukit Timah hill.
Sunday – Rest/Work

And in between going for class and training… is mugging...

We’ve done the stairs training twice already and it’s really a killer.. I think by the time I finish my 3 set, my legs feel like they are turning to jelly... this coming Saturday we’re doing BTH… and from what I’ve heard… it’s worse than our stairs training.. ahhh… I hope I make it thru all the way…

Anyway…we’re suppose to plan for a LONG hike during our mid-term break… we’re still thinking of what to do, where to go… Anyone got any ideas?? Hmmm… Hopefully we get to do abit of climbing at Climb Adventure or even go to Paddle Lodge…yeah!

Till next time...

My FIRST General Biology Lab Session

You know the saying... don’t think about where your food comes from when you’re eating it?
It gave me a whole new meaning after my first gen bio lab session.. we’re suppose to conduct a few experiments and one of these experiments was to compare diluted yogurt and plant cells.

Ok we all know that yogurt has active good bacteria in it… but have you actually seen it under a microscope? I saw it yesterday and it sort of freaked me out little to see the tiny cells (under 100x magnification) swimming around on that small piece of glass. Surprisingly, the plant cells didn’t look as freaky.. =P

Anyway next week, we’ll be doing fermentation… Today we mixed yeast and grape juice together and left it in the lab at room temp for the next 7days. At the next lab session, we should get wine... Choop!! Don’t think so much… it’s just a test tube size experiment… heehee…



People have the right to fail.
Otherwise, they stop thinking and then you’ll need more management to manage them because you have to think for them. But if they failed and if they correct it, then the failure has real value.

~ Ken Hendricks

Statistics.. ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Statistics... sigh...
I've yet to find out why we need to study this module..Can someone tell me what statistics got to do with project and facilities management?

Today, I was totally lost in the lecture.. I've got no idea what is Conditional Probability.. Randomness.. Discrete Probability... and my first stats test is on 20th SEPTEMBER!!!

It's about time to really hit the books.. :P

But good thing for me.. I got a powerful friend..

The last thing she said to me before leaving the LT today... "if got problem, ask now...don't accumulate all the questions and wait till the end..."
Thanks Bee Hua! ;-) I'll be looking for you on Monday....

Life @ NUS.... O-Week

What I've been up to in NUS since "O" Week...

Inauguration Day.. thats why we're all in formal..

This is my O-Week Project Group... We had to do a project in our orientation week..

From the back... Boon Ping and Mervin (wearing glasses).. girls in the front... June, Shuyi aka David ;-) and ME!

This is one of the slides that we did for our presentation..

The scenario is.. We're given a plt of land in the Marina Bay area, next to The Sands Resort and we have to propose what we want to do with it.. The picture is the final design of our building..

RAG 2007!!!
Here's some of the props that we all made... yes the theme is sort of like a candy factory, thats why we made all those candy canes, sweets and lollipops..

All our hard work..

This is the not so complete "Factory"

On the actual Rag Day, it started to rain a little.. all of us scrambled out to cover our float.. Next year i hope we will have a bigger canvas sheet... the white canvas that we're using is actually the posters of another event that was held at the padang before us.

Team SDE!!

Guess which is me..not very difficult to spot actually..

And the BEST FLOAT goes to....


Well after O-Week, all our lessons started... everyone kinda went their own ways.. Archi to their studios and sleepless nights.. PFM+RE to lectures and tutorials. :P Most stuck to their FOC/Rag clicks. It was kinda hard to meet up the Archi people cos they're literally buried with work.. but we still do pop by their studio sometimes to hang out...

Anyway, I spent my first week hunting for second hand text books and finding the right lecture hall.. Oh.. and I joined a CCA, Make-It-Real! They're this group in NUS that tries to create awareness about mountaineering in Singapore. They spend about 1 - 1.5 years training and preparing for their own expedition to climb a mountain in the Himalayas! It's now in it's 6th team!! (I'm in MIR Team 7) We're suppose to train 4 time a week: running twice a week, 1 gym session and 1 stairs/BT Hill session. it's really no joke.. the stairs session = climbing up 22 stories 6 times..

It's a big challenge.. but it's one that's going to be exciting and life changing!! Hope I make it to the end!!



After the long long wait, I've finally gotten my MacBook Pro!!

OK, I actually wanted to start this blog a couple of weeks back when I started school.. Well..I sort of procastinated...BUT better late than never..so here it is!

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    U BAKED ??!!!!!?????
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    12 Jan 2008, 16:33
    ah....so exciting...makes me almost wanna go tracking too...leading a fulfilled life. life is too short to spend it wastefully.

    - jingyi
  • 14 Oct 2007, 08:36
    aiyo aiyo.....drive carefully next time...but u should be glad u r okay... =)
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    true true...
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    hey hey....
    hmmm...i like the 1st one....looks simple and nice actually.... u can use the 1st design and add colours?? but white ..will it like fade or look funny on skin??

    the last one looks…
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